sstiebCurrently I am a DFG (German Research Foundation) Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the Department of Eawag Fish Ecology and Evolution in the group of Prof. Ole Seehausen, Kastanienbaum in Switzerland, and collaborate with the Sensory Neurobiology Group of Prof. Justin Marshall at the Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland in Australia, and Carleton lab within the University of Maryland, USA.

My research focus lies in animal communication and sensory processing. In particular I am interested in vision, how animals perceive their environment, how evolutionary forces shape sensory systems, and how flexible visual systems cope with varying visual needs arising from environmental, developmental or ecological changes. As vision is so multifaceted, I use invertebrate and vertebrate model organisms to unravel the diverse roles and effects of vision in an animal’s life. During my PhD I documented plastic changes in visual brain centers of predominantly visually guided desert ants as the ants increased their visual abilities during their transition from interior workers to outdoor foragers. Currently I study vision in reef fish and stomatopods inhabiting the Great Barrier Reef – one of the most diverse and colorful habitats on our planet. I investigate the role of visual adaptation in reef fish by comparing visual pigment genes across and within species that show a great diversity in regards to habitat preferences, feeding habits, and behavior.



One thought on “Welcome

  1. Dear Sara, I have read your research interest. I am also very interested in this research, I would like to join your research group.


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